Training & Certification

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Since 1937 the Texas Restaurant Association has provided  training and certification to the restaurant industry. The foodservice and hospitality business is our only focus and our profits are reinvested in industry educational, outreach and advocacy programs. Get the best courses at the most affordable prices.

Employee Training & Certification Programs

Alcohol Seller-Server

TABC To Go is TRA's online alcohol seller-server certification course approved by the State of Texas. This training ensures that employees know who to sell and serve alcohol responsibly, and know the laws relating to the sale and service of alcohol in Texas. List price $14.95 

Food Handler  

If even one food handler fails to adequately learn or adhear to proper food safety practices, your business—as well as your loyal customers—will be at risk. TRA partners with the National Restaurant Association to offer the comprehensive, industry leading ServSafe Food Handler training. Available online or on-site, in English and Spanish.

Allergen Training

The number of Americans affected by food allergies is trending higher every year. Dining out is a serious concern for them as well as their family and friends. Those who deal with this life-threatening condition are often unsure which restaurants can safely accommodate them — if at all. Make sure you and your employees  have the basic information required to take the necessary steps to keep your customers safe. The ServSafe Allergens Online Course is your best, most trusted source for qualified online training.


Manager Training & Certification Programs

Properly training managers and ensuring that your staff follows prescribed food safety procedures is a serious obligation. It's also your primary defense in reducing the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak. TRA offers two options for manager training and certification. Choose the one that is right for you!

FoodGuard is a manager training and certification program valid ONLY in Texas. You can take the course and exam online and receive your certification which is accepted by all local health jurisdictions in Texas.

ServSafe Manager is a manager training and certification valid throughout the US. It is available online or in classroom settings. TRA partners with Ace Mart to offer convenient classroom training.

If you take ServSafe Online, note that you CANNOT take the exam online. You must take the exam in a proctored setting. TRA offers proctored exams in our Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio offices. If you are in a non-metro area, contact your local Agriculture Extension office for proctored exam times and dates.

Questions? Ask us! We've got your training and certification answers.