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    75th Anniversary

    Thank you to everyone who helped make our 75th anniversary truly memorable! You shared your photos, your stories and your experiences with us and together we celebrated the association's 75 years of service to the Texas restaurant industry. As the year draws to a close, take a last look at how far we've come and join us as we look forward to the future!

    As a part of celebration of our 75th anniversary, TRA interviewed several member restaurants and featured how their membership has affected their business. They were featured in our digital magazine, Restaurantville Magazine and can be found below. We also partnered with Foodways Texas and recorded short videos of four Iconic Texas Restaurants, enjoy!

    The County Line BBQ, Austin  |  Skeeter Miller

    TRA countyline-pitMember Since 1975

    Don “Skeeter” Miller got his start in the restaurant industry as many do—in the dish room. After spending three seasons playing baseball for the University of Arkansas on a scholarship, he decided to leave and take his chances working in the oil fields. When that didn’t work out, he heard from his best friend, Randy Goss, who had opened The County Line in Austin. Skeeter was their first dishwasher at the Bee Caves location... read more


    James Coney Island, Houston  |  Alfonso Hernandez

    TRA jci-outdoor-signMember Since 2001

    Alfonso Hernandez, director of purchasing at James Coney Island began his restaurant career in 1986 at the age of 14 working parttime at a Pizza Inn in Nacogdoches, Texas. While attending high school he worked there for 10 weeks prepping pizza dough, prepping muffin mixes, and setting up the salad bar for the lunch buffet....read more


    Johnny Cace's Seafood and Steak, Longview  |  Gerard Cace

    TRA Member JohnnyCace origrestaurantSince 1951

    Gerard Cace’s father John Cace started his family restaurant in 1949 and Gerard grew up helping as a kid playing like he was washing dishes, cooking or serving customers. When he was 11 he began working summers as a busboy and then moved into the kitchens.....read more


    Kloesel's Steakhouse & Bar, Moulton  |  Harvey & Diana Kloesel

    TRA original-kloesel-steakhouseMember Since 1989

    For Harvey and Diana Kloesel, the decision to get into the restaurant industry was simple—they loved going out to eat. When they moved back to Moulton from the big city of Houston and discovered there wasn’t a restaurant that caught their attention, they decided to open their own. Harvey, who began cooking in the kitchen with his mom at age 12, fine-tuned his skills in the Army Reserve as a Mess Sergeant... read more


    Mi Tierra Cafe, San Antonio  |  The Cortez Family

    TRA Memi-tierra-2mber Since 1955


    The Cortez Family will be celebrating their 71st anniversary of being the restaurant business this year. Our founder Pete Cortez an immigrant from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico opened his first restaurant a 3 table cafe (Jamaica # 5) in San Antonio’s Market Square in 1941. He was young energetic man who had a vision of offering a restaurant that the community would be proud of. He was the first restaurateur at Market Square to use a cash register and the first to add air conditioning. His landlord was very impressed with Pete’s creativity and offered him a second location in 1951—which he named Mi Tierra Cafe... read more


    Sea Island Shrimp House, San Antonio  |  Barclay Anthony

    TRA seaisland-originalMember Since 1967

    Barclay Anthony, the current CEO of Sea Island Shrimp House doesn’t remember exactly when he started working at the restaurant, which was founded in 1965 by his parents, Dan and Chrissy Anthony, and their friend, Henry Reed.But as far back as he does remember he was clearing tables, sweeping floors and generally doing any odd job he could. After high school, Anthony went to the University of Texas and worked in Dallas for a time, until his parents asked him to join the family business. Anthony started with... read more


    the breakfast klub, Houston  |  Marcus Davis


    TRA Member Since 2007

    Marcus Davis, the owner of the breakfast klub, and his brothers earned their initial restaurant stripes at home in their family kitchen. Inspired by the flavors that their father would cook up; they honed their skills and palates right at home. Marcus joined the management program at Chick fil A, learned the trade from an operational perspective and the rest is history.... read more


    Zentner's Daughter Steakhouse, San Angelo  |  Betty Zentner

    TRA Member Since 1976


    Betty Zentner started her illustrious career in the restaurant industry at age eight, bussing tables at her father’s restaurant, the Lowake Inn in Rowena, Texas. John Zentner, her father, was a celebrated West Texas restaurateur known for great food at a great price. People traveled hundreds of miles to enjoy a great steak and outstanding hospitality... read more

    If you are interested in having your restaurant featured or for questions or comments, please contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at TRA.